Dagstuhl Manifesto

Informatik-Spektrum, Springer-Verlag, 35(4):311-317, 2012.
Type: Article


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D. Streeb, D. Arya, D. A. Keim and M. Worring.
Visual Analytics Framework for the Assessment of Temporal Hypergraph Prediction Models
Proceeedings of the Set Visual Analytics Workshop at IEEE VIS 2019 , 2019.
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Tiled Stereoscopic 3D Display Wall - Concept, Applications and Evaluation
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M. T. Fischer, D. A. Keim and M. Stein.
Video-based Analysis of Soccer Matches
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D. Pomerenke, F. L. Dennig, D. A. Keim, J. Fuchs and M. Blumenschein.
Slope-Dependent Rendering of Parallel Coordinates to Reduce Density Distortion and Ghost Clusters
Proceedings of the IEEE Visualization Conference (VIS), Short Papers, 2019.
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